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Crew Terms

A standard working day is 10 hours and includes a 45 minute meal break.

A working day is door to door.

Overtime of T1.5 is charged hours 10 to 12.

After 12 hours T2.0 is charged.

Turnaround (the rest period from wrap to first call) is a minimum of 10 hours.

A half day is five hours and it should be possible for a crew to work two half days in one day. This means that a morning half day must be finished by 1300hrs. Newborn Digital Film & Media reserves the right to charge a full day if a half day booking is longer than five hours door to door.

There is no overtime on a half day. Half-days longer than 5 hours become full days.

All out-of-town days are full days regardless of day length.

Travel Days are generally charged as a Half-Day, but will be negotiated per booking.

A travel day where work is to be performed will be charged at a Full-Day rate regardless of day length.

Per Diem: $65/day per person including travel days, payable in cash, in advance.

For assignments necessitating an overnight stay the client will supply a standard 3-star or better hotel room close to the shoot location.

Crew Vehicle is 75c per KM. Locations out of Melbourne CBD with be charged for travel.

It is the Clients responsibility to supply a hard drive for footage to be transferred too. Charges will apply for footage to be sent to client after shoot date.

Pencil Booking:

A Pencil booking is to be confirmed or released by the production company within 24 hours of request.

Confirmed Booking:

A Confirmed Booking is exactly what it says. The dates are confirmed by the production company/agency

Cancellation Policy:

- Less than 48 hours to call 50%,

- Less than 24 hours to call 100%


All equipment is covered for insurance worldwide.

If any equipment is damaged during the hire period a AU$700 Insurance Excess will apply.

Client is responsible for the safety and care of all equipment while on location. In the event that any equipment is damaged by client or client’s representatives, the client will be responsible for replacement or repair of said equipment

If client's material (tapes, hard drives, property, etc.) is stored by Newborn Digital Film & Media temporarily, it is at the client's risk. Newborn Digital Film & Media shall not be liable for loss of any kind.

Newborn Digital Film & Media shall not be liable for failure to perform due to acts of God, weather conditions, or other conditions beyond the control of Newborn Digital Film & Media. 

Promotional Use:

Newborn Digital Film & Media will be supplied an HD copy of the final released edit, and is able to use the footage for promotional purposes. Behind the scenes images may be used for promotional purposes.

GST will be added to all invoices. Payment is due within 14 days.